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I recently had an early morning flight out of Málaga Costa del Sol airport and needed to spend the night in a hotel in order to make my flight on time. The only real criteria I had for choosing the hotel was that it included a shuttle service to Málaga airport and a price suitable for a low budget traveller. I quickly realised that very few low-budget hotels offer shuttle services. For me, the shuttle service was absolutely necessary because I needed to be at the airport before public transport started up and I was not interested in taking a taxi. I decided to book Hotel Zen Airport Torremolinos through and this post is about my experience staying there.

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When: November 2017; 1 night (Tues-Wed)

What: Single room with double bed and private bathroom with shower

Other: Shuttle service to/from Málaga Costa del Sol Airport offered 05:00 a.m. to midnight; Optional breakfast for 7,50€/person

Price: 35€ (Low-rate, no refunds)

Hotel Zen Airport Torremolinos is located approximately 1,0 km from La Colina train station and 1,7 km from Torremolinos train station. I came from Torremolinos train station and chose to walk to the hotel. The walk  to the hotel is pleasant as there are sidewalks along the entire route. Having said that, there are some parts of the walk that are fine during the day but would have perhaps left me feeling a little uneasy late into the night. It is also worth mentioning that there is a rather steep hill leading up to the hotel. If walking isn’t your cup of tea, the hotel is also easily reachable by taxi.

The room I stayed in had a double bed (two single beds are also possible), a TV and a private bathroom with a shower. There was also a small desk with a chair, a closet including a safe for valuable objects as well as a mini-fridge.

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The hotel is located in a semi-residential area close to other hotels and houses. In my opinion, Hotel Airport Zen Torremolinos is ideal for an overnight stay to catch an early flight from Málaga airport, but for long-term stay a hotel closer to the city centre of Torremolinos would probably be more practical. A buffet-style breakfast is available for 7,50€ and there is an Italian restaurant in the lobby that offers lunch and dinner options.

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If you are interested in booking the hotel for its shuttle service, it’s important to know that the service only runs every 2-3 hrs. At the time of writing, the shuttle service was available as follows:

To Malaga Airport and La Colina Train Station: 05:00 – 07:00 – 09:00 -11:00* – 13:00* – 16:00* -18:00* – 20:00*

* Also stop at La Colina Bus Station, and the beach

The shuttle service to the airport is only offered for passengers who have a scheduled departure and upon booking the service you are asked to provide your flight details.

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The area around the hotel is indeed very zen and peaceful. There is a gym and an outdoor pool on the property. During my visit both of these services were unavailable, and it was unclear if it was due to my late arrival and early departure or the fact that I was staying during the winter season. In all honesty it was rather chilly for a dip in an outdoor pool anyway.

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The hotel rooms are located on three floors that are connected only by stars. For travellers with heavy luggage or mobility difficulties, be sure to request a room on the ground floor when booking.

My stay at Hotel Airport Zen Torremolinos was rather brief, but the hotel offered exactly what I was looking for: a location close to the Málaga Costa del Sol airport, a free shuttle service for an early morning flight and a low-budget traveler friendly price. I am actually possibly taking another early flight out of Málaga in the next few weeks and am very seriously considering booking the same hotel again.

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