Join the Movement: Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour is just around the corner, again! I feel like with annual events and holidays you really realise how quickly time flies. What? It’s Earth Hour again?! We’re only here for just a short moment and then *poof* it’s all over. That’s even more the reason the embrace each moment and each Earth Hour. If you missed it last year now you’ve got the chance to join the movement!

What is Earth Hour?


Earth Hour is, as the name suggests, an hour-long event that takes place around the world. It is coordinated by WWF together with various volunteer organisations and crosses geographic, political and religious boundaries and connects millions of people with one common goal: Creating climate change action.

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Giving Back: My Experience as a Plan International and WWF Monthly Sponsor

norpanystävä wwf

I still remember the summer day back in 2016, when I was walking down the street in central Helsinki and I was stopped by one of the tens of street fundraisers who spent their days trying to reach out to often uninterested and occasionally rude passers-by. That summer I was on holiday in Helsinki and every day I walked by what seemed like an army of street fundraisers representing in my eyes and and all possible NGOs a person could think of. I had always walked by them briskly, with my head down as to avoid eye contact and slightly apologetic for not wanting to devote my time or money to help someone else. It’s not that I didn’t want to donate, it’s just that money was very tight and I kept telling myself that first I needed to increase my income and then I could become a sponsor.

plan intl girls

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