Five Reasons Why I Love Stranger Things

Stranger Things boys

This post is about Stranger Things, the Netflix original series created by the Duffer Brothers and released on July 15, 2016, and five reasons why I love it. But first, let’s back up a bit.

I’ve always been slightly slow to jump on different trendy bandwagons. I  got my first smartphone in 2013, six years after the first iPhone came out. (True Story: I didn’t open my new phone for 28 days after buying it because I wasn’t totally convinced that I really wanted to make the plunge, and I wanted to keep the 30-day-return-backdoor open. Spoiler: I kept the phone.) I started wearing wedges about five years after they became popular, and by that time I reckon they had probably already gone out of fashion.

Funnily enough, in one aspect of life I was ahead of my time: Blogging. I started my first blog in 2006 when I left home and moved abroad alone. More than anything, my blog was a kind of public diary for friends and family, allowing me to keep in touch with my loved ones back home. I had the blog for a few years but I was never too keen on having a strong public online presence, so when the blog scene starting growing I stopped blogging. And now, some years after the blogging scene has really taken off (and perhaps hit its peak?), here I am again. Oh, the irony. Continue reading “Five Reasons Why I Love Stranger Things”