Runeberg’s Cakes on February 5th

runeberg cake

On February 5th, Finland celebrates Johan Ludvig Runeberg’s birthday. Born in 1804, Runeberg is known as Finland’s national poet as well as the author of what what later became Finland’s national anthem, Maamme (Our Land). Legend has it that Runeberg was particularly fond of a certain almond-arrack flavoured, raspberry jam and sugar coated pastry and that he used to have it every morning for breakfast. Runeberg’s wife (and second cousin), Fredrika, is said to have created the recipe for the cake based off of a pre-existing recipe.

These cakes later become known as Runebergintorttu (Runeberg’s cake) and nowadays are a treat specifically enjoyed on the national poet’s birthday, February 5th. In light of this event, this year I decided to try and make Runebergintorttuja for the first time. I came across several variations of the original recipe, and ultimately decided to use one I found on a well-known Finnish baking blog, Kinuskikissa. This Runeberg cake recipe is very easy to follow, and although getting all of the necessary ingredients required going to three different supermarkets, I was able to find everything I needed locally.

According to the recipe, these ingredients make for around 12-14 cakes.  My measurements must have been on the heavy side because I ended up getting 20 cakes. Continue reading “Runeberg’s Cakes on February 5th”