Join the Movement: Earth Hour 2018

Earth Hour is just around the corner, again! I feel like with annual events and holidays you really realise how quickly time flies. What? It’s Earth Hour again?! We’re only here for just a short moment and then *poof* it’s all over. That’s even more the reason the embrace each moment and each Earth Hour. If you missed it last year now you’ve got the chance to join the movement!

What is Earth Hour?


Earth Hour is, as the name suggests, an hour-long event that takes place around the world. It is coordinated by WWF together with various volunteer organisations and crosses geographic, political and religious boundaries and connects millions of people with one common goal: Creating climate change action.

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Planeettamme Maa II Hartwall Arenalla 24.2.2018

“BBC:n uuden Planeettamme Maa II -menestyssarjan miljoonat katsojat ympäri maailmaa lumonnut kuvamateriaali herää henkiin jättiscreenille heijastetussa 4K-Ultra-HD-kuvaformaatissa 80-henkisen sinfoniaorkesterin tulkitessa Oscar-palkitun säveltäjämestari Hans Zimmerin sekä Jacob Shean ja Jasha Klebenin musiikkia.”

Näin kerrotaan Planeettamme Maa II -tapahtuman nettisivuilla, ja jos tapahtuman kuvausta on uskominen niin konsertista tulee sanalla sanoen mieletön. Planeettamme Maa II on vuonna 2016 ilmestynyt jatko-osa kymmenen vuotta aikaisemmin maailman ensi-iltansa saaneelle Planeettamme Maa -dokumenttisarjalle. Dokumenttisarjaa juontaa kukas muukaan kuin Sir David Attenborough, BBC:n pitkäaikainen luonto-ohjelmien juontaja. Attenborough on juontanut mm. Suomessa nähtyä Avara luonto – sarjaa. Dokumenttisarjojen musiikin on säveltänyt maailmanmainetta niittänyt ja Oscar-palkinnonkin saanut Hans Zimmer, sekä Jasha Klebe ja Jacob Shea. Continue reading “Planeettamme Maa II Hartwall Arenalla 24.2.2018”

5 Zero-Waste Resolutions for 2018

reusable produce bag

Welcome, 2018! The new year has always represented the opportunity for new beginnings, and I must admit that I’m a sucker for recapping past years and listing new goals for the one to come. This year, I’d like to do more practicing than just preaching in terms of contributing towards a sustainable environment, and continue expanding my own zero-waste lifestyle.

Looking back, moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle is something that I’ve been doing kind of subconsciously for years. Moving house pretty much yearly has definitely been a significant factor in reducing my purchases as a consumer, because the truth is that the more things you own, the more things you have to move! Using reusable tote bags, swapping plastic containers for glass ones, buying in bulk and reducing my use of animal products are all things that I already do in my day-to-day life. However, I feel like I still have plenty of room for improvement which is why I wanted to make a list of five zero-waste New Year’s resolutions I have for 2018.

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ERASMUS+ Internship at CIMAR in Santa Pola, Spain

Map SantaPolaAs part of my undergraduate degree I participated in an Erasmus+ Internship at the Centro de Investigación Marina (CIMAR) in Santa Pola, Spain from January to April 2017. 

Santa Pola is located in southeastern Spain, approximately 30 km south of Alicante. The center itself was founded in 2005 in cooperation with the University of Alicante and the City of Santa Pola. Originally, the center functioned as an army barrack for the Spanish Carabiniere Force from the 1920s until the 1940s when the force was dismantled and merged with what is nowadays known as the Guardia Civil. Although some restorations and refurbishments have been carried out throughout the years, the majority of the building remains in its original state.

Due to the strong theoretical emphasis of our degree program, I was very keen on learning and developing my practical skills in the field. In particular I was interested in completing my internship at a center that focused on topics related to marine biology, as I felt that further knowledge in the area would be of great benefit to me in the future. Continue reading “ERASMUS+ Internship at CIMAR in Santa Pola, Spain”