How to Buy Train Tickets in Spain Using the RENFE Website

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 19.18.54In this post we will discuss how to book train tickets using the RENFE website. As all prices, routes and discounts are subject to changes, the website should be consulted for most recent information.

The RENFE website is available in seven languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan, Euskera, Gallego and Valencian

Generally speaking, train bookings on the website open 60 days prior to the scheduled departure date for all trains other than high-speed AVE-trains (90 days prior).

To search timetables and prices use the Journey Planner on the left side of the homepage. Choose the dates using the drop-down calendar and add any preferences of morning, midday or night departures and arrivals. For One-Way tickets the return date should be left blank. Enter discount card information when applicable. Many discounts are only available to Spanish residents. Continue reading “How to Buy Train Tickets in Spain Using the RENFE Website”

How to Make Friends in a Foreign Country

fallas valencia

Making new friends in a foreign country may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an essential part of familiarising yourself with the local culture of your newhomeland. In addition to your support system back home, it’s important to have friends in your new city or country who can help you learn the ropes of your new surroundings. Having moved over twenty times in my life, to five different countries and eight different cities, I’ve definitely experienced being “the new kid in town”. It isn’t an easy situation to find yourself in, but with a bit of preparation and an open mind, you’ll have your own social circle in no time. I definitely could have used some pointers the first time I moved abroad by myself and that’s why I decided to put together a list of six tips that can help you make new friends in a foreign country

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ERASMUS+ Internship at CIMAR in Santa Pola, Spain

Map SantaPolaAs part of my undergraduate degree I participated in an Erasmus+ Internship at the Centro de Investigación Marina (CIMAR) in Santa Pola, Spain from January to April 2017. 

Santa Pola is located in southeastern Spain, approximately 30 km south of Alicante. The center itself was founded in 2005 in cooperation with the University of Alicante and the City of Santa Pola. Originally, the center functioned as an army barrack for the Spanish Carabiniere Force from the 1920s until the 1940s when the force was dismantled and merged with what is nowadays known as the Guardia Civil. Although some restorations and refurbishments have been carried out throughout the years, the majority of the building remains in its original state.

Due to the strong theoretical emphasis of our degree program, I was very keen on learning and developing my practical skills in the field. In particular I was interested in completing my internship at a center that focused on topics related to marine biology, as I felt that further knowledge in the area would be of great benefit to me in the future. Continue reading “ERASMUS+ Internship at CIMAR in Santa Pola, Spain”

Suomi 100 – Kysymyksiä ulkosuomalaiselle

turun linna suomi 100

In light of Finland’s recent 100th Independence Day, I decided to answer some questions about myself as a Finn living abroad. The following post is written in Finnish, but I’d be happy to translate it to English or Spanish – just let me know!

Suomen 100-vuotisen juhlavuoden kunniaksi erityisesti ulkosuomalaisten blogeissa on kiertänyt haaste, jossa vastaillaan kaikenlaisiin Suomeen ja suomalaisuuteen liittyviin kysymyksiin. Muutaman tällaisen haasteen luettuani päätin itsekin lähteä mukaan, ja tarjota samalla suomenkielisille lukijoilleni hieman luettavaa sekä mahdollisuuden tutustua hieman paremmin minuun.

Missä asut ja kuinka kauan olet asunut ulkomailla? 

Tällä hetkellä asun lounais-Espanjassa, tarkemmin sanottuna Cádizin kaupungissa. Täällä olen asunut vasta noin kuukauden, mutta Espanjaan muutin viisi vuotta sitten. Yhteensä olen asunut ulkomailla noin 18 vuotta; Yhdysvalloissa, Ruotsissa, Skotlannissa sekä Espanjassa. Continue reading “Suomi 100 – Kysymyksiä ulkosuomalaiselle”